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Software Update Aurora Industrial

Update Aurora Industrial’s software with an Aurora Package. Upgrading software requires a USB drive and a PC or Mac Computer.

  1. Ensure that your USB Drive is formatted Fat32 and plug into your computer.
  2. Download the Aurora Package from the link above and put the .aur file on the USB drive.
  3. Power off Aurora and insert the USB Drive in either of its USB A ports.
  4. Power on Aurora and wait for 30 secs.
  5. Wait until Aurora is running normally before removing the USB Drive.

NOTE: Keep in mind that updating via the package updater will reset any saved show you have on Aurora.

WARNING: The software update package only works with Aurora Industrial. Update the Aurora App for iOS or Android devices through the relevant App store.

Consult FAQ or contact us if you encounter any issues upgrading Aurora software.

Change Log

Version 1.12.2


  • Addresses connection (DHCP) bug on Aurora industrial builds

Version 1.12.0


  • Real-time clock: Support for AuroraRTC
  • New palettes: Purple & Teal
  • New Patterns: Ripple & Shoreline
  • Added Network Configuration: 
    • Ability to connect to local network (Station Mode)
    • Ability to change name/SSID of Aurora units
    • Ability to set a static IP address on wireless interface

Version 1.11.0


  • Support for NDB 2.73 and above
  • Audio Gain control over DMX IN
  • Heart Pattern Added
  • Updated OSC/DMX Specifications

Version 1.10.2


  • Support for new Aurora Industrial hardware
  • Improvements to silence detection and auto-gain
  • Support for NDB version 2.7
  • Blue and Yellow palette

Version 1.10


  • New default password: myaurora
  • New patterns: Popcorn, Sonar, Mapping Test, All Black
  • New / improved palette list
  • Live mode parameter smoothing
  • Support new hardware platform (coming soon!)


  • Chugging when NDBs disconnect
  • Artifacts in Expander pattern when switching to non-reactive mode

Version 1.9.1

  • Added Red and White palette


  • Fix grid mapping for imperfect strand length

Version 1.9.0

  • NDB: Configure NDB’s directly from mobile app
  • NDB: Grid Mapping configuration and maintain correct order
  • NDB: Auto IP Configuration
  • Add Aurora SSID Wifi password “myaurora” Aurora SE only


  • Fix different random palette picked by each zone

Version 1.8.0 (Initial SE Release)

  • Preserve system configuration after software upgrade
  • Enable DMX IN and OUT at the same time with ENTTEC USB MKII PRO interface
  • Write/Read DMX Input base address via mobile app
  • First Aurora SE Release

Version 1.6.1


  • Fixes bug where WiFi will stop working
  • Fixes bug where the DMX, DDP, vs Built In don’t always stay in sync

Version 1.6

  • Auto Transition: On Music Boundary
  • Added New Rainbow and Candy Palettes
  • Pattern improvements
  • DMX Out Smoothing
  • Better Handling of Mapping size mismatch when using NDBs
  • Active live pattern is now preserved across reboot
  • Fix issue with some DMX controllers causing flicker in Aurora

Version 1.5

  • DMX Output Support
  • Advance on Silence Trigger
  • Palette and Pattern Tweaks

Version 1.4.2

  • NDB auto-config
  • General palette updates

Version 1.4

  • Support Minleon RGB+ lights
  • Support Kinet style lights
  • NDB+ Auto-configuration

Version 1.3

  • Address some issues connecting to wireless network in AP mode
  • Pattern design enhancements
  • AURORA usb bundle installation
  • Add manual gain control